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The CCEPlus

Now with Built-in Broadcast Quality Open Caption Output


The CCEplus is an IBM PCTM compatible expansion card which encodes Closed-Caption (or other 7 or 8 bit) data into the Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) of baseband NTSC video signals. The CCEplus produces the standard Closed-Caption Format (CCF) waveform as is decoded by industry standard Line 21 TeleCaptionTM decoders for the hearing impaired and all FCC compliant television sets (i.e., those TV's with 13" screens, and over, sold in the U.S since June 31, 1993). Via hardware switch settings and software control, the CCF waveform can be encoded on Field 1, Field 2 or both fields on any VBI line (10 - 21).



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